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open the door to his unconscious

"Journeys of the Spirit"


Are you hesitating and wondering if hypnosis would be right for you?

Come and discover it through testimonials, sessions, articles or stories! 

A blog about hypnosis, which works a bit like a travel diary, where I share a personal experience through stories, illustrations, and audios.

  • You will find true stories, lived in the office, which I also have the pleasure of illustrating.
  • You will be able to listen to free guided meditation or self-hypnosis sessions.
  • Some articles related to my use of hypnosis in the sports world, with teams such as Skyvibration or Satori Factory !
  • Some videos and articles in project... coming soon!


Walking in

"Journeys of the Spirit"


To find out what you want 

  • Hypnosis Stories": for true stories experienced at the firm (and whose sharing is systematically consented to by the person concerned, albeit anonymously).
  • Self-hypnosisif you want to think in a modified state of consciousness about a proposed theme.
  • Guided meditationif you just want to travel or calm your mind.

This blog can become a space for exchange!
Feel free to send me your email address if you would like me to subscribe to the newsletter, or to comment on the content so that I also get your feedback!


Your hypnosis office in Chambery or in visio.

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