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Mental preparation

For whom? 

Sports, business... 

The mental trainer accompanies a person by helping them to identify their resources, while aiming to optimise the individual's mental potential to help them achieve their objective, all this by developing appropriate strategies and methods. 

It can therefore be as much a sporting or artistic objective as a professional one.

  • A sportsman or woman may need support, for example, during a specific phase of his or her career, to deal with stress in the run-up to a competition, etc.
  • A singer may want to find techniques to overcome a fear of the public?
  • In the business world, one can have a lot of mental pressure without having the right tools to relieve it, or have difficulties in managing a team in a conflictual context.

There are many reasons why we may seek help to develop appropriate strategies to remove the obstacles we put in our way without even realizing it?

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